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Christian Universalism

An Introduction To Christian Universalist Beliefs

"For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."
(1 Corinthians 15:22 KJV)

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"Christian Universalism" is the doctrine of universal salvation; or in other words, of the final holiness and happiness of all mankind, to be effected by the grace of God, through the ministry of his Son, Jesus Christ. Thus a Christian Universalist believes that all people eventually get into heaven, by Jesus Christ. Christian Universalism is a doctrine, not a denomination.

Here is another summary view of Christian Universalism.

Christian Universalism is the teaching that God, through the atonement of Jesus, will ultimately bring reconciliation between God and all people throughout history. This reconciliation will occur regardless of whether they have trusted in or rejected Jesus as savior during their lifetime. This universal redemption will be realized in the future where God will bring all people to repentance. This repentance can happen while a person lives or after he has died and lived again in the millennium or some future state.

                   The Beauty of Christian Universalism
   "Christian Universalism appears to me very simple, consistent, and
   beautiful. It regards this world as God's, and the whole human family
   as His children. It accepts without distrust the fundamental fact of
   the gospel, that God, out of his great love to mankind, now alienated
   from him by sin, sent his only begotten Son to seek and to save that
   which was lost, and by redeeming men from sin, to restore them to
   their right relations with God, and thus fit them to glorify and enjoy
   Him forever. " (adapted from the book "Endless Punishment In the Very
   Words of Its Advocates", by Thomas J. Sawyer - 1880)

THE BIG PICTURE: A Christian Universalist World View

Scriptural Evidence For Universal Salvation

The Standard Arguments Against Universal Salvation

Introduction To Christian Universalism

A Christian Universalist Library

"As A Christian Universalist, Where Can I Go To Church?"

My answer is that you will be welcome in the same church I used to be in: Disciples Of Christ. Disciples Of Christ is a kind of generic Christian Church, with a minimum of fixed doctrine. Universalists and non-Universalists both are welcome and accepted. I particularly enjoy the fact that Disciples celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday, just as the earliest Christians did. (I was a member of a Disciples Of Christ congregation, First Christian Church of Alexandria, Virginia, for several years. But I am not ordained by them, and I am not authorized to speak for them in any way, other than as a former member.)

Here is the main Disciples Of Christ website:

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