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Welcome To The Christian Volunteer Network (CVN) Home Page
Giving direct personal service to other people, without payment from them.

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Pastor -
Director - Internet Church Of Christ -

What is the Christian Volunteer Network?

The Christian Volunteer Network is an informal organization of Christians who provide an average of at least five hours per week of direct personal service to other people, without payment from them.

Who is the boss? What is the structure of the organization?

The Lord Jesus Christ is our boss, and all of us report directly to Him. That is the structure of the organization.

What are the conditions of membership?

There are four conditions of membership in the CVN:

First, we must be Christians, born again, with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us.

Second, we pledge to provide an average of at least five hours per week of direct personal service to other people, without payment from them.

Third, we accept no worldly payment whatsoever for our work. Our payment comes from the Lord, as we store up treasures in heaven.

Finally, we recognize that we are all sinners, depending on the Lord to forgive us continuously, even as we continue to sin. If we ever believe we have become perfect, we must leave the CVN.

How do I become a member of the CVN?

You become a member by praying to the Lord and asking Him to accept you as a member. If He says "yes," you are in. If you are a Christian, with the Holy Spirit in you, you will recognize His voice and you will know if He tells you "yes" or "no."

If He accepts you immediately, you are then a member, and you can go to work right away. Congratulations, and welcome!

If He does not accept you immediately, you can still be a "Friend of the Christian Volunteer Network." Friends of the CVN agree with what we are doing, and they help out in any way they can.

Are there any rules?

Yes. Love the Lord with everything you have, and love all other people just exactly as you love yourself.

Is there any kind of uniform or identifying mark we need to use?

Yes: the "Jesus Fish." Whenever we are doing our CVN service work, we should wear a Jesus Fish somewhere on ourselves, like a hat or an armband or a pin, or a decal of some sort.
See for information about the "Jesus Fish."

Should we try to evangelize people, bring them to the Lord?

Yes. Any Christian should be prepared at all times to lead someone to the Lord. This is the greatest service we could possibly provide. However, the main focus of CVN is to do work for other people, without payment from them.

Who should we provide service to? How do we decide what to do?

We provide service to all people, according to their needs and our abilities.

If someone needs a babysitter and we can do it, we sit for them. If someone needs a ride to the store, and we have a car, we take them. If someone is in the hospital and needs a visitor, we go visit them. If someone needs a field plowed, and we have a tractor, we plow their field. If they try to pay us, we tell them, "No. This is my Jesus work. I have to do it for free."

Under no condition should we limit our CVN service to serving only other Christians. When non-Christians see us serving all people, in the name of Jesus, without taking any payment at all, this will make a big impression on them, bigger than we would usually make by trying to convert them directly. "Talk is cheap," they will say. "But these people are actually doing work for us." Thus the Lord is glorified.

How do we approach people to help?

Just come right up to them, with your Jesus Fish on, and say something like this: "Hello. It looks like you could use some help with this (whatever it is). I'm a Christian Volunteer doing work for other people. (Point to your Jesus Fish.) Would you like for me to help?"

If they are willing to accept your help, they will say "yes." Otherwise, excuse yourself and move on to the next case.

When people want to know what we are doing, what do we say?

Tell them you are a Christian Volunteer, doing work for other people. They will be amazed.

Personal Ministries For You

As an individual Christian, you can take on these personal ministries, as the Lord leads you.

=> Cellular Phone Ministry

=> CPR/First-Aid Ministry

=> Automotive Helper Ministry

=> Deliverance Ministry - casting out unclean spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.

=> Hand Massage Ministry

Blessings to you as you go forth on your Christian Volunteer Ministry!

We now have a Google Group for the Christian Volunteer Network. If you join it, you can post and receive messages about Christian volunteering.

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