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Defeating The Confirmation Of Samuel Alito
The Way It Can Be Done

Version 1.0 - Jan. 21, 2006

The people of The United States will soon have an historic opportunity to start taking back America from the dictatorial Bush Machine which presently runs our Country. This opportunity will come very soon, when the full, hundred-member United States Senate considers the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, perhaps starting within the next few days.

(To see how and why the Bush Machine has been able to get this far already, without being stopped, please see "The Bush Power Grab: How Did It Get This Far?" at

A Senate vote to confirm Alito is a vote to give the Bush Machine more power, helping them complete their take-over of our Government. They presently control the Executive Branch and both houses of Congress. And now they are trying to lock up their control of the Supreme Court by nominating Bush's favorite Federal Judge, Samuel Alito, to the Court.

A Senate vote to defeat Alito, however, would keep this total power away from the Bush Machine, at least for the present moment; and it would awaken the Country to the enormous danger presented by this Neo-Fascist network of people we call "The Bush Machine." Therefore it is essential, for the good of our Country, that George W. Bush's hand-picked favorite Judge does not become a member of the United States Supreme Court.

The Agents of the Bush Machine in the Senate will be trying to get an immediate, rubber-stamp, no-discussion, no-debate, "prompt up-or-down vote," as Bush instructed the Senate to do in his radio address of Jan. 14, 2006. (See Bush's radio address at .) They will attempt to close debate immediately in order to head off any meaningful discussion. Alito supporters in the Senate probably do have enough votes to confirm him without any debate; but they do not have the sixty votes needed to cut off debate, under the Standing Rules of the Senate, and they certainly do not have the two-thirds vote needed to amend the Rules. So they have threatened to employ the so-called "Nuclear Option," by which they claim they could by-pass the Senate Rules and cut off debate simply by having the Chair falsely declare further debate to be out of order. A simply majority would then affirm the false decision of the Chair, and debate would be cut off, or so they claim. But this Nuclear Option is a total bluff, because it is totally illegal. There is no legal way a simple majority can bypass a Rule which requires two-thirds to amend.

Some people have said, "So what is to be gained by having any debate on this nomination? Why shouldn't the Senate just go ahead and let the pro-Alito majority have its way? Isn't this why we have elections - to choose which people should have their way in our Country?"

Yes, a simple majority (one vote more than fifty percent) is sufficient in simple cases, where the opposition doesn't really care that much or where it feels it could never get a majority of the votes anyway. But Parliamentary Law, as it has developed in our Country and in most others, always allows a determined minority to keep the debate alive until they are over-ruled by a Super Majority, usually two-thirds or more. This works for the benefit of all, and it allows the chance for Members to change their minds, based on new information and better understanding, before the vote is final and cannot be undone..

In the Alito case, this is what we are trying to do: allow the Members of the Senate, who presently support the nomination of Judge Alito, to change their minds after hearing a full and open debate. We are not trying to be obstructionist. We are simply trying to let the truth be known about Judge Alito, about the Bush Machine of which he is a part, and about the political direction of our Country - whether toward Dictatorship under Bush or toward Freedom under our Constitution.

The Senate will be deciding soon.

Blessings to you. May God bless us all. And may God bless America!

Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director
www.Internet Church Of Christ -

NOTE: Careful readers of this message will note two important ideas I am trying to to establish: First, to identify the Bush Machine as "a network of Neo-Fascists seeking to impose their will upon the entire Country," and give it a name: "the Bush Machine;" and second, to give a name to those members of the Bush Machine who have found places of influence or power within our Country: "Agents of the Bush Machine." These two ideas help maintain the distinction between the Bush Machine and normal, good-American Republicans. Most individual Republicans are perfectly fine, normal Americans, just trying to get along in a cold, cruel world. We have no quarrel with them; in fact we love them. But the Bush Machine is a dangerous subset within the Republican Party, and it presently controls the Leadership of that Party. These are the people we oppose. So we we seek an alliance with normal, good-American Republicans in order to defeat the dangerous Bush Machine within their Party.


Blessings to you. May God help us all.

       Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director -

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