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The Natural Law For Marriage, Divorce, and Sex

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - Internet Church Of Christ -

           The Natural Law For Marriage, Divorce, And Sex

   Dear Readers,

   I am writing this letter against my will, but the Lord is insisting
   that I do it, so I am doing it. This is the Natural Law regarding
   marriage, divorce, and sex, as it applies to Western society today.
   Christians will recall that God created the Natural Law and wrote it
   onto the hearts of man.

                   The Natural Law - (Romans 2:14-16 RSV)
               When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the
               law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though
               they do not have the law.
               They show that what the law requires is written on their
               hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and
               their conflicting thoughts accuse or perhaps excuse them
               on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the
               secrets of men by Christ Jesus.


   This, then, is the Natural Law regarding marriage, divorce, and sex.
   There is more to it than is given here, but this will be enough to
   begin. Basically, I am taking dictation from God, and this is what He

                     The Nature Of Marriage

   Marriage is the normal intended state for most adults. "Marriage" is
   the relationship between one man and one women in which their two
   bodies become as one flesh, through voluntary sexual intercourse; and
   all other partners in sexual activity are henceforth excluded, by
   mutual agreement." Sexual intercourse" is penetration of the vagina by
   the penis. "Sexual activity" is any activity which includes sexual

                     Establishment Of Marriage

   The marriage relationship is established when both parties freely
   agree to an exclusive sexual relationship with each other and
   consummate it with sexual intercourse. Without voluntary agreement
   there is no marriage. And without sexual consummation, there is no
   marriage. Both elements are necessary. No ceremony is required: merely
   agreement and consummation.

                       Duration Of Marriage

   Once established, the marriage relationship continues until it is
   broken by death, by mutual consent, or by extreme violation of the
   one-flesh relationship.

   When either partner dies, the relationship is broken, and the
   surviving partner is free to marry again.

   When both parties, by mutual consent, agree to terminate the marriage
   and have no further sexual intercourse with each other, the
   relationship is broken. Both are then free to marry again. Just as
   voluntary agreement with sexual intercourse establishes the marriage
   relationship, so also voluntary agreement without sexual intercourse
   breaks the marriage relationship.

   One party may terminate the marriage relationship without the consent
   of the other party only if there has been extreme violation of the
   one-flesh relationship by the other party. The most glaring and
   extreme sexual violation is adultery, which is sexual intercourse by a
   married person with some person other than the spouse. Another kind of
   extreme violation would be if one party deliberately and repeatedly
   inflicted harm on the other, in a way that he surely would not do to

   In general, God opposes the termination of marriages. The greatest
   single cause of divorce is sexual activity outside the marriage. If
   you look deeply enough in almost any divorce, you will find the
   disruptive influence of an outside partner in sexual activity. Perhaps
   there are a few exceptions to this rule, but not many. Therefore all
   such activity is prohibited, particularly adultery, which is a major
   offense against God.

              Sexual Activity For Those Who Are Not Married

   Sex is a natural, God-given part of life, just as eating and sleeping
   are natural, God-given parts of life. The desire for physical release
   through sexual orgasm is a natural desire, like hunger or thirst. Some
   people feel sexual desire more strongly than others, and those to whom
   God has given strong sexual desires must not be judged or condemned by
   those whose desires are weaker.

   God provides for all our needs, including our need for sexual release.
   His preferred method for dealing with sexual need is marriage, as
   described above.

   Nevertheless, people who are not married are also entitled to sexual
   release, without guilt or shame.

   There are different degrees of sexual intimacy which unmarried people
   might experience with each other, from simple kissing to the various
   forms of sex leading to orgasm. Sexual intercourse is reserved for
   married people alone. Any other sexual activity between unmarried
   persons should be governed by the rule," The closer you are to being
   married, the greater intimacy you are permitted." Sexual orgasms bond
   people closer to each other, leading the unmarried toward marriage and
   strengthening the bond which already exists between those who are
   married. Therefore sexual activity involving orgasm should be confined
   to the one person with whom you are seeking a long-term marital bond.

   Thus, sexual promiscuity, or "playing the harlot," is forbidden.
   Certain kinds of sexual activity are simply not permitted, and these
   are sex in any form with a person of the same sex, with an animal, or
   with a close relative. Rape is forbidden, and also any adult sexual
   activity with persons below the minimum age for marriage.

   God has provided one method of sexual release, acceptable for all
   people, and that is private solo masturbation. If you do not have a
   married spouse or other acceptable sexual partner available to you,
   you always have your own hand. There is no Scriptural prohibition
   whatsoever against private solo masturbation. In fact, it can even be
   a form of worship, as we give thanks to God for our bodies and for the
   wonderful feelings He allows us to have.

      "For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be
       rejected if it is received with thanksgiving;" (1 Timothy 4:4 RSV)



   Since sexual intercourse is reserved for married couples only, then
   conception and childbearing should occur only among married couples.
   From the moment of conception, the children are the joint
   responsibility of the husband and the wife. Husband and wife have
   equal rights in the children, and equal responsibilities toward them.
   In the event of divorce, those rights and responsibilities need to be
   allocated somehow, since the children will no longer be able to live
   normally with both parents. This is one major reason why God opposes
   divorce: it usually creates great difficulties and complications for
   the children.


   If the Lord is willing, He will direct me to write more on these
   subjects in the future. For now, this is all He is giving to me to
   share with you.

   Blessings to you in Jesus Christ our Lord.

                                October 17, 1999

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