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Direct Access To God Is Available To All People, NO EXCEPTIONS

The Purpose Of Life Is To Please God, And The Most Important Thing Is Love

God's One Law For All Mankind: LOVE ALL PEOPLE AS YOURSELF
The Golden Rule Embodies All Of God's Law For Mankind - "Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated"
How To Love Other People

Principles Of Christian Human Relations
God Is Love

The Twenty-One Greatest Ideas In Human Relationships
Bedrock Scriptures - Build your faith on these.

Our Mystical Union With Christ
The Sermon On The Mount
Jesus Enables Us To Love All People As Ourself
Cast Your Cares On Jesus. Be Anxious For Nothing.
Peter's Presentation Of The Gospel
Holy Spirit In Control
Deliverance From Demons
Draw Close To God, And He Will Draw Close To You
Everyone Is Your Neighbor

We Must Love One Another
We Must Forgive!
How To Forgive Other People
At The Day Of Judgment, Each Of Us Will Be Called On To Give An Account Of His Life To God.
Seek And Find Enjoyment In Other People
The Difference Between Tolerance And Approval

What You Do Comes Back To You , or, You Reap What You sow
If You Love Other People, You Must Forgive Them

How To Become A Full-Time, Born-Again, Spirit-Filled, Baptized, Biblical Christian
Understanding God's Law
STEWARDSHIP OF THE EARTH: Mankind Has the Responsibility To Manage The Earth Properly For God


God Accepts Our Love For Others As If It Were Love For Himself
The Christian Doctrine Of Universal Salvation: "Everyone Eventually Gets Into Heaven, By Jesus Christ."
The Doctrine Of Universal Love
If You Will Not Forgive Others, God Will Not Forgive You
A Ceremony Of Submission To The Lord
The Earth Was Perfectly Designed To Clean Itself
The Words Of Jesus Are The Foundation Of Our Faith
Love And Forgiveness Cover All Our Sins
Who Is My Neighbor?
Human Beings Recalled Because Of Defects
Reason Is Unable To Grasp The Higher Realities

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
Eliminate All Guilt Through Jesus Christ
You Cannot Claim To Love God Unless You First Love Your Neighbor
How To Love Strangers
Everyone Is Our Brother And Our Neighbor
Einstein Believed In God, The Creator
God's Basic Law
Scriptures For Deliverance From Unclean Spirits
Christian Disciples Have Authority Over Demons And All Other Unclean Spirits
The Old Covenant Is Transformed Into The New
The Doctrine of "Radical Christian Love"
The Bible Condemns Human Anger In All Its Forms
How To Have A Beautiful Life Forever
The Entry Of Jesus Into Jerusalem On Palm Sunday

The Only Sin Is Not Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself
Does Sex Offend God?
Good News For Many People: Masturbation Is Not A Sin
Do Not Ever Judge Anybody For Anything
What Does It Mean, To Be "Born Again?"
Disciples Of Jesus Can Have Authority To Forgive Sins
God's Rules To Live By
The Bible Provides Truth Sufficient For All Good Works
The Golden Rule
The Bible Requires Two Witnesses To Establish Truth
The Natural Law For Marriage, Divorce, and Sex
A Study Of Christian Sexuality
Guidelines For Christian Sexuality
The Bible Permits Sex For Engaged (Betrothed) Couples
There Is No Such Thing As "The One True Church"

God Allows Us To Earn Income By Doing His Work
The Essential Teaching Of Jesus: "Love All People As Yourself."
The Most Important Commandments In The Bible
To Those Who Find Fault With God
What Does God Really Require Of Us?
Love For Neighbor Fulfills All Of God's Law
God Created Evolution

The Fool Hath Said In His Heart, There Is No God.
The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, Simplified

For Every Problem In Your Life, Jesus Is The Answer

Filled With Love, We Are Servant Of All
The One Basic Duality Of The Universe
Love Makes Us Holy And Blameless Before God
We Must Love All People, Even Our Enemies
God Requires A Transfer Of Wealth From Rich To Poor
God Will Eventually Uproot Everything He Opposes
God Desires Mercy From Us, Not Sacrifice
The Best Way To Love God Is To Love Your Neighbor As Yourself
Jesus Christ Actually Lives Inside His People
The Commandments Of Jesus
The Six Certainties Of The Christian Faith
Baptism: After You Have Accepted Jesus As Lord, Go Ahead And Be Baptized

Love Is More Important Than Anything Else
Evolution Is Guided And Controlled By God
Through Jesus, All Things Work For Our Good
The One Law: "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself"
The Only Name We Need To Know Is JESUS
Jesus Upgrades And Transforms Your Soul
The Force Between God and Man Varies Inversely As The Square Of The Distance Between Them
Jesus Is The Solution To Every Problem
Science Cannot Explain The Origin Of The Universe
Two Kinds Of Truth In The Bible: Literal Truth And Poetic Truth
God's Universal Justice: "You Reap What You Sow."
If You Love God, He Will Love You

How To Get More Holy Spirit Into You
God Counts Our Love For Others As Love For Himself
No Hell For Those Who Love Others Same As Self
With Power, Comes Responsibility
Nobody Stands Between Us And God
When The Moment Of Death Is Upon You . . .
"God Takes Away Our Silver, Gives Us Gold"
"Love Fulfills The Law"
Do All Non-Christians Go To Hell? Bible Says No.
The "Law Of Love" Is God's Most Important Law For Mankind
Love For Others Fulfills All Of God's Law
Love, And Do What You Like
Love Everybody, Then Do Whatever You Want
God Requires Different Things From Different People
It Is Never Necessary For People To Sin
Jesus Rebukes All Hypocrites
Faith And Works Go Together In Love
An Overview Of Good And Evil
The Penalty For Sin Is Death
Righteousness By Following The Law? Impossible!
Salvation Comes Only By Faith In Jesus Christ
Jesus Is Like A Radio Station You Can Tune In
God's Only Requirement For Christians
You Can Be Saved Right Now!
Home Page For The New Christian

God Is Sole Creator And Rightful Owner Of Everything
God Is A Spirit, Exists Outside Of Time
God Takes Great Pleasure In His Creation
From Adam, We Inherit A Hard And Difficult World
With Jesus, We Inherit The Kingdom Of God
The Lord Gives Whatever He Wants To Whomever He Chooses
We Have Filled The Earth, As God Commanded
The Bible Comes From God, Contains Everything We Need
The Bible Says The Words Of Jesus Are The Most Important
The Bible Provides The Answers To All Human Problems
Genesis 46:26 Predicts The Bible
Our Bible Is The Complete And Authentic Word Of God
The Natural Law, Given By God To All Mankind
God Wants Christian Writers To Write New Material

If We Love God, We Will Keep His Commandments
The Greater Commandments Outrank The Lesser Ones
We Are Not Required To Follow The Religious Commandments Of Men
The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom
An Interlude With The Lord

We Follow The Spirit, Not The Letter, Of The Law
The Authority Of The King James Bible
First, We Must Love God, Totally And Completely
Jesus Immediately Revised The Law Of Moses In Six Ways
The Golden Rule And How To Apply It
When We Study Nature, We Study God
The Ten Commandments
God Will Make A Way
We Cannot Understand Everything At This Time

The Flesh Is Weak, Profitless, And Not To Be Trusted
We Have Legitimate Needs Of The Flesh, Given By God And Acceptable To Him
Sex Is For Pleasure, Reproduction, And Bonding
Perfect Christian Sex
If A Man Has Sex With A Virgin, He Must Marry Her (?)
Human Life Begins At The First Heartbeat, During The third Week After Conception
General Confession Of Sins
We Are Called To Oppose The Devil, But Not To Attack Him Personally Or Insult Him

God Provides A Way Out Of Each Temptation
There Is Only One Jesus
We Are The Branches; He Is The Vine
The New Covenant Replaces The Old Covenant
The New Covenant Cannot Be Added To The Old
We Bear The Fruit Of The Spirit
God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Bear
God Will Give Us Anything We Request, If . . .
We Live Our Lives Around The Word Of God
God Has Total Rights Over Us
God's Overwhelming Desire

Works Of The Flesh, Fruit Of The Spirit
If We Have "The Faith," We Are Christians And We Are Saved
God's Laws Are Written In Our Hearts
Father, Son, And Holy Ghost: All The Same One God

All Kinds Of People Are The Same In Christ
All Things Work Together For Our Good
The Apostles' Creed
The Christian Work Ethic
The Lord Wants Us To Seek After Him
Jesus Makes Everything Clean
We Confess And Believe
Nothing Is Unclean Of Itself

Jesus Teaches Unconditional Love For All People
The Vision Of Jesus Only
The Lord Sometimes Witholds The Truth
The Role Of Women In The Church
Without The Holy Spirit, We Cannot Understand
Scriptural Authority For New Writings
Love Is "The Center Of The Mark" For A Christian
A Ceremony For Holy Communion
A Ceremony For Footwashing

A Declaration Of Faith
Jesus Christ Makes All Things New
Summary Of Commandments
The Doxology
The Christian Life Is Filled With Joy
Everyone Can Be Saved
We Are Saved By Faith Alone

The Lord Wants Us To Go To Church
Love God, Love Your Neighbor
The Relationship Between Husband And Wife Is An Image Of The Relationship Between Christ And His Church
God Has Infinite Power; He Can Do Anything He Wants to Do, Without Limit
How To Resist Demonic Attack
A Pattern For Spiritual Loosing

We Who Believe Are Now His People, Israel
The Lord Abides Within Us, And His Spirit Leads Us
We Can Pray To Jesus
The Lord's Prayer
A Love Poem To The Lord
Love Poem To The Lord
Love Poem About The Lord
Love Poem To The Lord
Martin Luther's Encounter With Satan
Here's Some Good News For Married Couples . . .
For Those Who Have New Life Within The Womb

The Kingdom Of God Grows Within Us Like A Mustard Seed
Prayer Of Salvation
Reading Of The Shema
Are You Saved? If Not, Now Is The Time!
Whatever We Give Out To Others, That's What The Lord Brings Back To Us

The Lord Directs Our Steps And Pulls Us Up When We Fall
A Sinner's Prayer For Salvation
We Submit Ourselves Totally To The Lord
If We Are Anointed, The Holy Spirit Teaches Us Everything We Really Need To Know
If You Ask The Lord, He Will Give You More Of His Holy Spirit

The Lord Forgives Our Sins Repeatedly, If We Likewise Forgive Others Repeatedly
The Lord Treats Us The Same Way We Treat Other People
The Lord Provides For All Our Needs
The Lord Sometimes Repents And Changes His Mind
The Lord Takes Pleasure In Giving Us Things, Then Having Us Transform Them For Our Own Use
For Those Who Suffer Tragedy

Two Love Poems To The Lord
The Tearing Of The Veil
The Universal Church Of Christ
But What About Very Good People Who Do Not Accept Jesus Christ As Lord?
We Are Now His People; And He Is Our God
We Trust Him Totally In All Things
The Lord Has Wonderful Treasures Waiting For Us
The Word Of God Works Within All Who Believe

STEWARDSHIP: God Holds Us Accountable
The Lord Takes Pleasure In His Meek And Righteous People

End of listing of Pearls Of Faith

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