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NOTE: When you read this prayer, try to imagine hearing my voice as I speak
it to you.  In this way, the prayer is reactivated, and it is the same
as if I were actually praying for you at that moment.
(Just like television prayers are reactivated when you watch 
them, although the videotape may have been shot years before.)

NOTE: Tobacco is the substance associated with Demon Tobac.
Tobac (pronounced TOE-back) is his true spirit name, and he will be upset
when he sees his true name is being used. Demon Tobac manifests himself 
in a person by tobacco smoking (usually cigarettes), tobacco chewing, or 
using snuff.  Demon Tobac arises in a person when that person starts using
tobacco, and the demon grows in strength as tobacco usage continues. The 
tobacco, itself, causes certain changes in the body, so  after the demon
is cast out, I then need to pray for healing of the body from the 
effects of tobacco. The desire to smoke should be mostly gone as soon
as the demon is cast out, and totally gone within a week. If you break
down and start using tobacco again at all, the demon takes this as an 
invitation to return, and all our previous efforts are cancelled. So once
the demon is cast out, you must totally refrain from tobacco use.  If you
continue to feel the urge, you may repeat the casting out until it works.

NOTE: For most demons, I do not want to cast them out unless the person 
has become a Christian.  The reason for this is that if demons are cast out
and the Lord is not in the person, then the demons usually come back worse
than before.  But I will make an exception in the case of Demon Tobac,
because he tends to reach his favorite level of intensity in a person, then
remain there at that level. So if he is cast out, then returns (in a 
non-Christian), he tends to come back the same strength that he was 
originally, not worse.  So no harm is done. Even so, it is, of course far 
better that you become a Christian than not.  Also, there is some chance that  
Tobac will return worse than before, to punish you for trying to have him 
cast out. I will let you make that choice: if you are non-Christian and 
willing to take the chance, then go ahead.
NOTE: Regarding my authority to cast out demons: I cast out demons by the 
authority of Jesus Christ, according to the Bible, Mark 16:17.  Any Christian
has this authority, but few know how to use it. The demons all know how
this works, but they may be stunned to find it actually in use, 
particularly in a long-distance way such as this, where you are merely 
reading my words. The casting out is a command, not a prayer.  It will be
followed by a prayer, for healing of the body from the physical effects 
of tobacco.

                    "To Cast Out Demon Tobac"

       The "Opening Announcement" to the demons:
       For Christians as well as non-Christians.

              Attention evil spirits dwelling here:
              Know ye that I am working for the Lord!
              His power and His glory fill my heart;
              His love directs me here to you today.
              Lord Jesus Christ has power over you,
              And I get my authority from Him.

       The "Christian Follow-Up Announcement" to the demons:
       For use by Christians only.
              I know that all of you will want to leave,
              As day-by-day the Lord more fully grows,
              And daily you are more-and-more distressed.
              I know His presence grates upon your nerves,
              I know you want to flee when He is near.

       The "Casting Out Of Demon Tobac:"
       For Christians and non-Christians.

              O Demon Tobac! Now I speak to you:
              Remember me from 1982,
              When Ernest Angely cast you out of me,
              With power given him by Jesus Christ!
              I now return with power of my own,
              From this same Lord who cast you out before!
              And now you will be cast out once again.              
              O evil Demon Tobac, you must go!
              In Jesus' holy name, I cast you out!
              No longer may you stay within this place,
              No longer may you tamper with this life!
              The power of the Lord is now returned,
              And in His holy name, I cast you out!
              I plead the blood of Jesus, you must go!
              The holy blood of Jesus, you must go!
              So leave this place and nevermore return.
       The "Prayer For Healing:"
       For Christians and non-Christians.
              O Lord, I pray that you will lift your hand,
              And wipe away the damage that was caused,
              By use of vile tobacco in this place.
              I pray that you restore to glowing health,
              The tissues that were damaged in the past.
              In Jesus' holy name I pray, Amen.

       The "Prayer For The Lord To Grow In Strength:"
       For use by Christians only.

              O Lord, I pray that you will grow in strength
              Within this heart where you are dwelling now.
              And as you gain in power day-by-day,              
              I pray the evil spirits all will leave.
              In Jesus' holy name I pray, Amen.

                                 Rev. Bill McGinnis, Public Domain

                 by Rev. Bill McGinnis - Public Domain

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