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Original Prayers And Blessings For All People,
Placed in the Public Domain

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - Internet Church Of Christ -
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The essential teaching of Jesus is "Love all people as yourself." Everything else is subordinate to this one thing. (For details, click => HERE!- Jesus instructs His followers to pray for the benefit of all people, even their enemies, when He says . . .

"You have heard that it was said, `You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you salute only your brethren, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect." Source: Matthew 5:43-48 (RSV)
Therefore, following His instructions, I have written some prayers and blessings for you -- no matter who you are, or what you may have done, or what you now believe -- as shown on the list below. Everything here is now Public Domain, free to copy, free to use however you wish, without restriction. So please disregard any copyright notices which may still attached to earlier versions of these prayers. Take them, and be blessed!

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prayer4you1.html - "So Now I Come To Say A Prayer For You"
prayer4you2.html - "When Raging Heathen Pound Upon Your Door"
prayer4you3.html - "You Are Mother, Walking With Your Child"
prayer4you4.html - "Valentine's Day"
prayer4you5.html - "I Hope Your Yesterday Was Filled With Love"
prayer4you6.html - "When All Around You, Troubles Seem To Grow"

prayer4you7.html - "The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised!"
prayer4you8.html - "When Worries And Distractions Fill Your Mind"
prayer4you9.html - "The Fog Is Rolling In Across The Field"
prayer4you10.html - "Daybreak"
prayer4you11.html - "To Those Who Help The Lord When They Are Called"
prayer4you12.html - "For Comfort In Sorrow" (With MP3)
prayer4you13.html - "Rhino Charging"
prayer4you14.html - "Job Hunting"
prayer4you15.html - "Casting Out" (With MP3)
prayer4you16.html - "Winter Storm"
prayer4you17.html - "To Those Who Have Their Doubts"
prayer4you18.html - "To Married Men"
prayer4you19.html - "Reclaiming Sex From Satan"
prayer4you20.html - For Cheerfulness
prayer4you21.html - "Back To Shore"
prayer4you22.html - "First Compassion, Then Action"
prayer4you23.html - "Earthly Parent, Heavenly Parent"
prayer4you24.html - "Loved One In Distress"
prayer4you25.html - "Your Friend's New Coat"
prayer4you26.html - "Fearlessness In Danger"
prayer4you27.html - "To Avoid Temptation"
prayer4you28.html - "To Those Who Have Not Ever Met The Lord"

prayer4you29.html - "For Those Who Need Some Extra Help Today"
prayer4you30.html - "For Diligence"
prayer4you31.html - "For A Successful Operation"
prayer4you32.html - "To Those In Mortal Danger"
prayer4you33.html - "To Those Who Teach The Word"
prayer4you34.html - "Another Day, Another Chance At Life"
prayer4you35.html - "For Restful Sleep"
prayer4you36.html - "A Blessing For Your Home"
prayer4you37.html - "When All Seems Bleak And Dreary"
prayer4you38.html - "For A Safe Trip By Car"
prayer4you39.html - "Cast Into The Darkness"
prayer4you40.html - "Storing Up Your Treasure"
prayer4you41.html - "Let's Go To Church This Sunday"
prayer4you42.html - "O God, This Precious Earth Thou Gave"
prayer4you43.html - "The Lord Needs You To Work For Him Today"
prayer4you44.html - "To Quit Complaining"
prayer4you45.html - "For The Special Thing You Want"
prayer4you46.html - "For Courage When You Need It Most"
prayer4you47.html - "To Lead You To Your Goal"
prayer4you48.html - "You Sometimes Need To Sacrifice Yourself"
prayer4you49.html - "For Patience"
prayer4you50.html - "The Empty Tomb"
prayer4you51.html - "Your Intellect Alone Is Not Enough"
prayer4you52.html - "For The Person New In Christ"
prayer4you53.html - "The Isolated Christian"
prayer4you54.html - "To Cast Out Demon Porno"
prayer4you55.html - "For A Friend To Talk To"

prayer4you56.html - "To Help Someone Learn Something That You Know"
prayer4you57.html - "As You Forgive, So Shall You Be Forgiven"
prayer4you58.html - "Prepare to Be Delivered From Demons"
prayer4you59.html - "To Grant Your Forgiveness"
prayer4you60.html - "To Avoid Carelessness"
prayer4you61.html - "I Pray The Lord Will Greatly Grow In Strength"
prayer4you62.html - "To Cast Out Demon Drugs From A New Christian"
prayer4you63.html - "To Cast Out Demon Gluttony"
prayer4you64.html - "To Cast Out Demon Envy"
prayer4you65.html - Help with demon who seemed to be "eating the flesh"
prayer4you66.html - "Invitation To The Lord"
prayer4you67.html - "That Today You Might Get Closer To The Lord"
prayer4you68.html - "For You To Get Some Extra Love Today"
prayer4you69.html - "To Reunite With Those Who Are Estranged"
prayer4you70.html - "To Start A Special Project"
prayer4you71.html - "Happy Birthday To You!"
prayer4you72.html - "For Help In Finding Things"
prayer4you73.html - "To Cast Out Demon Drugs"
prayer4you74.html - "Prayer Of Salvation"
prayer4you75.html - "For The Lord To Smile On You Today"
prayer4you76.html - "For Parents Contemplating A Divorce"
prayer4you78.html - "To Cast Out Demon Alcohol"
prayer4you79.html - "Seek Evermore To Dwell Within The Lord"

prayer4you80.html - "To Cast A Burst Of Anger From Your Heart"
prayer4you81.html - "To Turn The Other Cheek"
prayer4you82.html - "To Let The Lord Be Lord, And You Be You"
prayer4you83.html - "On Dreary Days, When Clouds Block Out The Sun"
prayer4you84.html - "For You To Render Help When Called Upon"
prayer4you85.html - "To Those Who Think That They Have Sold Their Soul"
prayer4you86.html - "For A Successful International Trip By Air"
prayer4you87.html - Benediction For High School Graduation
prayer4you88.html - "To the Lord, For His Speedy Return"
prayer4you89.html - "For The Lord To Bless The Leaders Of The World"
prayer4you90.html - "A Prayer To Banish Anger From The Earth"
prayer4you91.html - "A Prayer To Banish Anger From The Earth"
prayer4you92.html - "For Mrs. J. T. Of Texas, By Request"
prayer4you93.html - "The Navigation Of Migratory Birds"
prayer4you94.html - "For A Good Start To A New Project"
prayer4you95.html - "Go Ahead And Give Yourself To Christ"
prayer4you96.html - "So Do Not Think That You Will Be Deprived"
prayer4you97.html - "Just Tell Them That You Do Believe In Christ"
prayer4you98.html - "For Help In Making A Decision Today"
prayer4you99.html - "To See A Path You Never Saw Before" (with MP3)
prayer4you100.html - "To Get A Cheerful Word Today"
prayer4you101.html - "To Use The Power Of Your Spoken Words"
prayer4you102.html - "To Neutralize An Enemy You Have"
prayer4you103.html - "To Thank You, Lord, For Hearing All My Prayers"
prayer4you104.html - "To Help You Master What You Need To Know" (with MP3)

prayer4you105.html - "To Thank You, Lord, For Helping In My Need"
prayer4you106.html - "To See Order In Confusion"
prayer4you107.html - "To Make Me More Useful For Your Work"
prayer4you108.html - "Do Not Be Distracted From His Path"
prayer4you109.html - "For Protection From Physical Harm"
prayer4you110.html - "To Help Us See Another's Point Of View" (with MP3)
prayer4you111.html - "To Work Around The Handicaps You Have" (with MP3)
prayer4you112.html - "To Thank You, Lord, For A Recent Major Gift"
prayer4you113.html - "For The Lord To Be With You Throughout The Day"
prayer4you114.html - "For The Lord To Protect You From Satan's Little Tricks"
prayer4you115.html - "To Avoid Carelessness"
prayer4you116.html - "For Those Who Have New Life Within The Womb"
prayer4you117.html - "So Do Not Hide Your Light Beneath A Barrel" (with MP3)
prayer4you118.html - "For His Peace To Come Over You Today"
prayer4you119.html - "For A Loved One In The Hospital"
prayer4you120.html - "For Patience"
prayer4you121.html - "For Courage When You Need It Most"
prayer4you122.html - "I Pray That You Will Take The Time Today"

prayer4you200.html - "I Pray He Gives His Peace To You Today"
prayer4you201.html - "To Those Who Feel That They Have Lost Their Way"
prayer4you202.html - "Prayer For Him To Guide You Through This Day"
prayer4you203.html - "Prayer To Help You Find A Better Job"
prayer4you204.html - "When The Hurricane Approaches"
prayer4you205.html - "For Thankfulness"
prayer4you206.html - "May You Become A Blessing Unto Them"
prayer4you207.html - "A Prayer To Eliminate Resentment"
prayer4you208.html - "To Get You Through The Storm That You Are In"

prayer4you249.html - "A Prayer To Accept Jesus"

rededicate.html - "Rededicate Your Life To Jesus Christ"
prayer-forclearchannel.html - "Prayer For A Clear Channel Of Communication With The Lord"

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